Rules and regulations of MCS will be followed by all participants and officials before, during, and after all events. When entering MCS the driver (minor’s guardian) becomes responsible for themselves, crew, and family members. MCS originated with a family atmosphere, we strive to provide and promote all racers young & old and their families to benefit from our racing experience in a safe and positive way. It is everyone’s responsibility to exhibit good sportsmanship and achieve a safe, fair, and open racing environment.

Free kids 5yrs & under, $5 kids 6-12yrs, $10- 13yrs & up

$20 entry per driver, per class

Gates open 3pm. Registration is open 4-6:30pm. Anyone registering after 6:30pm will start on the rear of their heat race.

Practice 6pm. Driver’s Meeting 7pm. Racing to follow.


All drivers must be registered and paid prior to entering the track. All guardians must provide a birth certificate for minor drivers at the beginning of the season.

MCS runs one Heat and one Feature unless otherwise stated. Adult classes run an 8 lap Heat and 12 lap Feature. Kids classes run a 6 lap Heat and 8 lap Feature. Officials reserve the right to shorten/lengthen laps as seen fit. Heat race line up is determined by pill draw upon sign in. The finishing order of Heats determines the Feature line up. Any class having over 30 entries will be split into two groups (A & B). Points are awarded by finishing order in Heats and Features.

  • All weights must be painted white with the kart number on each weight. The weight must be securely bolted to the frame or seat. Weights may not be attached to the bodywork

  • Numbers must be displayed on ALL 4 sides of the kart. The numbers must be large and visible. Contrasting colors, no blending. If your numbers can’t be read you may not be scored

  • No overhead spoilers/wings permitted in regular classes

  • All karts must have rear bumpers. All kid’s karts must have full bodies. All adult karts must have at least a nose piece. All drivers are required to wear a helmet, neck brace, gloves, pants, and closed toes shoes while on the track at all times

  • All kart stands are to be placed to the sides of Pit Road, not left in traffic areas. Only 2 crew members are allowed with each driver in Pit Road. If a kart/driver is late or has mechanical issues on the starting grid a maximum of 2 caution laps may be given and you will be permitted to enter on the rear. Please calmly inform the grid official. All karts must be pushed (no motor running) to and from Pit Road. No driving in the pits!!

  • In the event of an accident no family or crew members are allowed on the track unless instructed to do so by track officials

  • Top 5 karts in each class must weigh after Heats and Features. The driver, with safety equipment, and kart must meet minimum class weight requirements. Driver must meet weight minimum in stated classes. After Features top 3 karts report to the Tech

  • MCS has an open tire rule. Slicks and treaded Burris and Hoosiers allowed. No knobbies or sand tires

  • If you are caught using illegal substances (drugs) you will be suspended or banned from MCS property immediately and turned over to local law enforcement

  • Anyone caught dumping oil on the ground may be permanently banned from MCS property

  • MCS honors all class bans from OSP & Burbank Speedway

Arguing or threatening is not allowed whether it be directed towards a MCS employee, fellow driver, or spectator. These actions will result in:

1st offense: $100 fine

2nd offense: $200 fine and two race suspension

3rd offense: suspended for the remainder of the season

*all fines must be paid before the offender is allowed to return


All drivers are responsible for knowing the meaning of all racing flags and following them correctly. All parents are responsible for teaching minor drivers the meanings and correct actions of the flags.

  • Green flag signifies the start of the race. The flagman starts the race on the initial start, stay side-by-side. On single file restarts the leader has the option of firing any time after the white tire entering turn 3. If any driver jumps any start: 1st time will be considered a warning and given their original position back, the 2nd time will be sent to rear of the field, 3rd time will be black flagged. If the race cannot be started after 2 side-by-side attempts the field will be placed single file. The driver(s) causing cautions may be sent to the rear. The lead kart is responsible for maintaining a reasonable pace for the rest of the field

  • Yellow flag signifies a caution on the track. All racers must slow their speed and be cautious of stopped karts or MCS employees entering the track. Restart order will be determined by the last green lap scored and the karts causing the caution will be put to the rear. No crew members are allowed on the track for any reason. The kart must be pushed completely off the track for mechanical services. Any kart causing 3 cautions will be black flagged and is to leave the track immediately. If the leader is wrecked by a lap kart a caution will occur and the leader will maintain their position

  • Blue flag with diagonal Orange stripe signifies move over for the slower karts. The faster traffic is overtaking you, hold your line and the faster karts will maneuver around you. Do not bump or wreck a lead lap kart. If you cannot maintain a safe speed you will be black flagged and should exit the track immediately

  • Red flag signifies that the race must be stopped immediately. Regardless of your position on the track you are to come to a complete stop and shut off your motor. No repairs or service is permitted on any kart during this time. Drivers are to stay in their karts at all times unless otherwise instructed. If your kart is moving or you exit your kart under red you will be black flagged and removed from the track immediately

  • Black flag signifies that you are to leave the race track immediately. You will no longer be scored. It does not mean automatic disqualification, depending on the reasoning. DQ reasonings that result in loss of night’s points are any racer who is considered to be driving in an inappropriate unsafe manner, aggressive driving, intentionally wrecking another driver/kart, reaching out to hit/touch another diver/kart (keep your hands to yourself!!), not making the proper weight required for the class, rough driving or speeding under caution, working on your kart under red flag conditions, crew members entering the track unauthorized. DQ reasonings that result in last place points are safety/equipment problems that don’t allow continuation of the race, unsafe lapped kart

  • White flag signifies the leader has started their last lap of the race. No caution will be thrown and no kart may receive any assistance until the completion of the race. Any kart that is involved in a wreck at this time will receive last place points.

  • Checkered flag signifies the completion of the race. All karts will be scored as they cross the start/finish line


All protests must be delivered to the tower on the proper form within 15 minutes of the completion of that race. The protest fee of $150, cash only, is due at the time the written protest is turned in. Both the protested and protestor karts must be left in tech area while written up and will remain there until the tear down and ruling is made.

  • The protestor kart will be teched as well

  • No counter protesting allowed

  • The protestor’s driver must finish the race in the top five with the protested kart finishing ahead of them

  • Refusal to tech results in automatic DQ and loss of points

  • The track reserves the right to tech any kart at any time

Protest money distribution:

  • If protested kart is legal they receive $50, track $50, & tech $50

  • If protested kart is illegal the protestor receives $50, track $50, & tech $50


Any driver/kart that is deemed illegal, for any reason, as defined by the tech person will face the following penalties:

1st offense: loss of that night’s points

2nd offense: loss of points, $200 fine, & two races suspension

3rd offense: loss of points, $300 fine, & disqualification of the remainder of the season

  • If the illegal kart is entered in multiple classes penalties apply to all driver(s) unless otherwise discussed


The driver must take the green flag to receive points for that race. If the driver needs to change karts please inform the scorekeeper in a timely manner. If a change of kart occurs the driver will start on the rear of that race.


1st 50 points

2nd 40 points

3rd 30 points

4th 20 points

5th 10 points

6th – last 5 points


1st 100 points

2nd 90 points

3rd 80 points

4th 70 points

5th 60 points

6th 50 points

7th 40 points

8th 30 points

9th 20 points

10th 10 points

11th – last 5 points

In the event of a tie for the championship it will be determined by the number of Feature wins during the season. If still a tie the winner will be determined by the last completed race finish of each racer


Class eligibility will be determined by the age of the driver on MCS first scheduled season race date. Birth certificates need to be provided.

**Motors are NKRA/NKA No port/polish**

  • JR classes are allowed to run stock out of the box Predator 6.5HP motors with zero modifications. Motor will be teched under Predator class rules



ages 5-8

New drivers up to age 10yrs will be allowed to participate for up to 5 races with respective plate. However the driver will not receive points, trophies, or winnings. The driver may be asked to move to their age class at any time or after 5 races.

OHV 6.5 hp Clone

Red plate

shoe clutch

small pipe

full loop bumper

15 or 16/64 gear rule

open tire

225lbs minimum


ages 8-10

OHV 6.5 hp Clone

Green plate

shoe clutch

small pipe

full loop bumper

open tire

250lbs minimum


ages 10-12

OHV 6.5 hp Clone

Purple plate

shoe clutch

small pipe

open tire

275lbs minimum


ages 12-15

OHV 6.5 hp Clone

Blue plate

open clutch

big pipe

open tire

300lbs minimum

*at 15 yrs old if you move up to an adult class you will not be permitted to move back down to JR class unless otherwise discussed*


ages 15 & up

OHV 6.5 hp Clone

open clutch

big pipe

open tire

350lbs minimum

no driver weight minimum


ages 15 & up

OHV 6.5 hp Clone

open clutch

big pipe

open tire

425lbs minimum

*200lbs driver weight minimum


*see Mid Florida Wing Champ rules


any motor on a regular kart chassis. No suspension.

Run What Ya Brung and hope ya brought enough!!


ages 35 & up

OHV 6.5 hp Clone

open clutch

big pipe

open tire

375lbs minimum


*CLAIMER CLASS* 212 cc - 6.5hp

ages 15 & up

375lbs minimum

open tire

engine must stay stock

disconnected governor from outside only

disconnect low oil cut-off switch

gas tank stays in stock location

must have chain guard

steel drum shoe clutch

STOCK air filter, spark arrester, flywheel, flywheel key, carb jets

After market plugs are ok

NO carb modifications, top plates, fuel pumps, after-market mufflers.

  • MCS reserves the right to claim your motor at any time

  • If your engine is found to be altered or modified in any way from stock you will be banned from the class for the remainder of the season losing all points

  • If your engine is found to be in stock unaltered condition you will be given an engine from MCS inventory and your engine will be reassembled and placed into MCS inventory

  • Any Predator class competitor, finishing on the lead lap, may claim another competitor’s motor finishing ahead of them

  • By entering the MCS Predator class you agree, understand, and will abide to all MCS rules and conditions

  • You must turn in the proper form and $250 to the tower within 15 minutes of the completion of the race

  • The track receives $50. The claimed motor owner receives $150

Thank you,

MCS Employees